This is for people that don't understand about the job market or has no clue about a good "Work Ethic". These reasons target people that really want to keep their job (or their next new job).

You feel that giving an excuse fixes everything. If your boss, or manager complain ... you start thinking of an excuse why things went wrong. In reality, nothing is fixed. People focus on the pattern of your behavior (Being Late, Poor Work, etc). Your excuse is seen as denial. Your way of saying, "Its not my fault". However, your excuses don't solve the problem.

You don't focus on doing a Good Job. Others see that you just do the minimum with your job. This shows you don't care about what you do. You only care about getting paid and going home.
  Doing a "Good Job" does not mean you love or even like your job. Many people don't love their job. However, the company that hires you expects you to do a good job. Your "don't care" attitude is noticeable. If profits decrease or customers complain .. you will be blamed for your poor performance.

  Now some people strive to do a "Good Job" only when in danger of losing their job. Being consistent is critical and necessary.

You are usually late to work. The keyword here is "usually". In other words, Your Manager might say, "She's Nice, but she's usually late". Being 10mins late, 30mins late or an hour late .. is still Being late.
  Part of you might laugh and say, "Oh, I was only 10mins late." However, your lateness is bad in several ways. Your Co-Workers feel you don't care or you're getting preferred treatment. The Manager or Boss is less respected.
  Each office, Each Company and Each Boss has their own rule with firing based on lateness. Sometimes being 30mins or more late on 3 different occasions will get you fired. Other times, one lateness is that final reason to get you fired.

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You have no filter. You say what you feel, without being courteous or respectful. You might say, "Hey, I'm just being honest" or with your friends you might say, "Hey I keep it real". As a result, You are seen as rude, cold and repulsive.
  Its easy to say exactly what's on your mind. Having a Direct, honest approach (while ignoring peoples feelings) is not impressive in the job market. It gets you fired.

You create drama and gossip at work. This includes undermining and weakening projects or management decisions thru your remarks. Your joking, anxiety or any random comments cause problems. Your social skills leave a trail of problems. People go from just tolerating you to completely avoiding you.
  In this situation, your manager hears the complaints from your Co-Workers. Your casual comments, gossip and sense of humor rubs people the wrong way. You are fired!! The People that have drama in their regular life tend to bring that same cloud of drama to their job. They invite the drama, justify the drama and complain about the drama. Eventually "Drama" (as in .. chaso, deception, backstabbing, rudeness, etc) becomes what's normal to these people.

Its understandable if only a few reasons apply to you. Possibly, only one of the reasons apply to you. Its up to you to fix your job issues and avoid being fired in the future. You always have the freedom to be proactive with a job search. There can be a more enjoyable job, a higher paying job or that dream job you always wanted. It's up to you. Being Disciplined, supportive and having a Good Work Ethic will lead you to success.