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7 Things Models should always avoid with Work

    Everybody has different priorities, preferences and passions when it comes to work. The type of work you select can be based primarily on money, experience or another factor that is important to you at this time. However, there are some jobs you should avoid.

    Avoid a Job offer that provides little or no contact information. For Example, a new job is offered to you for $200/hour with the potential to travel to Italy during fashion week. However, all you know is a mans first name, his email address and he wants to meet you at a coffee show.
    Any job that is high paying should involve you meeting at an office. Its more safe if you have a full name, a company name and possibly a listed number.

    Avoid a Job Interview where you will do a photo session and compete against other models. Technically, This can be compared to a actors/actresses applying for a job that involves acting.     However, in your situation photos are taken of you that can be used by the photographer or unknown person. And, you are working for free. An oral aggreement is not enough.

    Avoid any job offer where you get a free ticket to another state or country. The selling point is 1) Traveling to another location for free, and paid travel expenses. And 3), the assumption that it must be a well paid, professional job. However, this will isolate you from your friends, your family and familarity of your normal stomping ground. Even if you have known the person for 1-3 months it doesn't mean that person will not act differently after you arrive at the location. Remember the old saying, "No Such Thing as a Free Lunch."

    Avoid work that interferes with your other jobs. Keep your promises. Your new or old bosses don't want to hear any excuse to why you are late or tired. It doesn't matter how friendly or supportive your boss (or Bosses) are. They still want you to arrive on time and be ready to handle the job at hand.

    Avoid work that is clearly toxic. Sure it can be a very profitable job or a job that looks great on a resume. However, working with people that are consistently negative, rude, disagreeable or just repulsive ... can be a major emotional drain. Or, You can stronly side tracked off of your priorities.

    Avoid TFPs if you are broke. A Good, Fun TFP (Time for Print) will not pay your phone bill, your rent, etc. If necessary let others know your situation.
    Its ok to take a TFP and give a condition. For Example, You tell the photographer that you can do the photo session unless your boss calls you asking to work the same time as the photo shoot. Tell the photographer 2 or 3 times, so he there is no misunderstanding.

    Avoid jobs where you are promised a percentage of the profits related to a product or service. Most likely, it would be a product or service that you are promoting in the photo session.
    This type of paying arrangement requires trust!! A "promise" of money is not the same as getting paid.
    The exception is if you have a lot of saved money, its an established well-known company and a contract is involved. However, as a rule, its better to get paid up front before the photo session or immediately after the photo session.

    Avoid a photographer, promoter or club owner that continously drops names. For Example, the person mentions celebrities they know and sometimes even shows you photos with those celebrities.
    There are a long list of scam artist that use this tactic to gain your trust. This type of person will be very charming, but lead you on and waste a lot of your time. With this person, "Parties" can be labeled as "Networking". And, You can end up with a lot of empty promises.

    Preparation is a critical factor with a career. An important part of preparation involves not letting people waste your time.