Relationships - 6 Rules All Women Should Follow with Relationships

All of these rules save you time and reduces stress or drama. Relationships have there ups and downs. but these are some rules you should always follow.

(RULE #1)
  Only keep reciprocal relationships. With this type of relationship, You give the same amount (in effort, gifts, affection, etc) as you get. And, its always implicit. Its not a situation where you are obsessed or you "Love Hard." Everybody needs their space, but you want to be treated fairly.

  This avoids a relationship where you give 100% and get back crumbs. You know things are bad when you feel you're trying to make it work. However, you're not feeling loved (or sometimes you feel ignored). You might say to your partner, "You're not even trying!"

  You need to look out for the signs (aka the red flags). For Example, Your text message is long, but you get back a "One Word" (or short) Reply. You feel your partner is not really listening. Or, your partner gives you gifts or "acts nice" only when he (or she) screws up.

  You want to be open-minded, positive and give your boyfriend/girlfriend the benefit of the doubt. However, with some people they don't understand about giving, being thoughtful or being fair-minded. Your partner has his (or her) emotional wall up. And, when you get "feed up", and lose all hope your partner may get scared and act thoughtful and good. But its only temporary.

(RULE #2)
  Pay attention to how your partner is contributing to the relationship. This specifically relates to important key factors in the relationship. Those key factors can relate to money, ambition, affection, senseless drama, etc. Remind your partner how "you can do bad on your own". This reminder can be serious or playful, but its important.

  As with many relationships, everything is great .. at the start. Everything is incredible. Time passes and he (or she) loses another job. Thru the grapvine (from your partners family or friends) You find out that your partner rarely holds on to a job for a long time. You want to be supportive, but you don't want added drama to your life or an extra mouth to feed that has no real desire (no ambition) to work.

(RULE #3)
  Stick to your beliefs. This relates to those strong beliefs that you firmly support. So, for example, if you don't believe in smoking or dating people that smoke .. Stick to that belief. Another label for this rule can be "Don't lose yourself in a relationship".

  Obvious examples would be changing your religion to please your partner. Or, loving an abusive, cheating parter, after you grew up always avoiding and disliking this type of person.

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  During the Dating Phase, It's a good time to remind that person what you will not accept or "Put up with". Keep the list short. Let the person know that list early in the dating Phase.

(RULE #4)
  Do Not mention your rules! Your rules for relationships can be used against you. You want the natural version of who that person is that you are dating. If you are the talkative type that easily spills the beans .. this can be a difficult rule for you. But, Follow it!!

  For Example, You might have a rule .. "No Sleeping with guys before 30 days. So, in a moment of weakness, you confess this rule to him (or her). You still don't know if that person is good or bad! You don't know yet.

This becomes a challenge to the average player, scam artist or toxic person. It becomes a waiting game. If the person truly cares about you they will not change. You still don't know who you're dating. Nobody should have the option to use any of your rules against you.

(RULE #5)
  Know what you want in any loving relationship. It should be a short list. Understand the Pros and Cons with what you want from a relationship.

  You would be surprised how many women want a Thug thats "Nice". Or, they want that a trusting relationship with a player/cheater. Both types of relationships just don't work. You can't be shocked when a Thug gets jealous, attacks people in a club or just acts immature. And, you can't be shocked if a player cheats on you. You can wait around with the hope he (or she) will change. How long will you wait?

(RULE #6)
  Don't box yourself in. In other words, don't put your social life, your living arrangement and you money in the control of your partner. Each of these 3 important factors are clearly important to your freedom.

  With your personal life, Keep in touch with your family, friends and Co-Workers. If your partner is toxic he (or she) will gradually stop you from talking to all these people. Its a huge red flag.

  With your living arrangement, you want the ability to control your living arrangements or always have ways to leave or relocate. Moving in with a new partner into their place reduces your freedom. Is your name on the lease? Can your partner (if middle of an argument) kick you out?

  Now if your partner does not like you working and that person wants to pay all your bills .. it can sound good. But having your own money gives you freedom and options you need. Having your own job gives you a sense of power and adds to your resume.

  Loving relationships can be special and great. But many relationships end over time. You want a good relationship, while avoid the worse type of relationships.