8 Reasons Why He Stopped Dating You

INTRO !! This is for women that are curious to why a man stopped dating her without any explanation. Some of these reason could apply to you or not.

    He realized you are usually rude and negative. Yes, you smiled and laughed during your first date. Possibly you made one or two small rude comments. After the second or third date, he notices that your rude, negative comments are a regular thing

    Everybody has a bad day, but nobody wants to be with a person that is rude, negative or complaining or a regular basis. Now some people will pretend to be nice and courteous for 10 mins and angry, negative and annoying for 50mins. This does not solve the problem.

    He starts to feel you are lazy and you don't mind admitting it to him now. Yes, during your first or second date you're talking about your "dream job" and how you are planning to take a college class or two.     Now some time passes and you respond in a forgetful way as if it was just all talk (or fantasy). The initial ambition is saw in you was attractive. However, now he feels that was all just BS.

    Ambition is attractive, but deception is ugly. Showing ambition is attractive and sometimes sexy. Psedo-ambition is deceptive. Both genders play this game consciously or unconsciously. Your energetic, hopeful personality was filled with ambition. Your last date showed a lazy person.     Yes .. Your plan can still be to take a few classes in the near future. Or, You want to pay off a few bills before taking on a new expense. That's all Good! But, it doesn't help to give an excuse, after displaying Lazy Traits.

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    How you dress has dramatically changed. How you look and what you wear has an impact on your appearance. For Example, on your first date you wore a floral dress with high heels. And, one of you friends said, "Hey, get your hair done." In reality, you rarely wear a dress and you hate wearing high heels. On your 4th date, you say, "I hate wearing high heels."     In other words, you go from dressing feminine to dressing completely opposite on your last date. This all seems silly to you if fashion is a non factor to you. Some people will focus just on high heels and dresses.

    What you wear and how you look is important. You need to look Good or better than usual during the dating phase with a guy. This includes combining a movie night with him on your couch combined with laundry night. And, as you know, dressing down during laundry day does happen.

A dramatic change in your look can cause problems. Anything from blue hair to caked on make-up with your favorite faded sweatpant with the $9 Dollar flip-flops can make stop dating you.

    You don't respect his goals, his job or anything he's done. On the first date you talked mostly about yourself. You changed the topic or didn't really listen when he spoke about his life. On your last date, he felt you are definitely self-absorbed .. and stopped dating you.

    The Novelty or "New-ness" has worn off. He sees you for who you are now and not what he "thought" you was (or hoped you was). He saw you as fun, charming and thoughtful. Now he sees you as clingy, jealous and angry.     Yes, You "love hard". It sounds like a good or respectful saying as if the person gives more love to a relationship. But, thats not the case.

    Your voice is annoying him. Its too high pitched, sing-songy or Creaky. The idea of hearing your voice for months or years .. made him run away.

    During the last date, He thinks you are an Alcoholic. For example, On your last date you laughed about getting drunk last Sunday. You add, "Oh, I was with my girlfriends. No big deal."     However, he thinks back on how you know so much about liquor. And how visit a variety of bars. A few times your "drinking buddys" asked if you was meeting up tonight.     To some people, women and men, they have experience with people that drink a lot or drink too much. Growing up with a drunk, alcoholic parent brings back bad memories.     This issue scares him off.

    He avoids drama while you attract drama. You're accustomed to the drama around you. After your last date, he noticed that all that drama is a regular thing with you.     A Good relationship can provide much needed safety and give clarity or peace of mind. After a long day, It's good to see a person thats on your side with a supportive, caring tone. Drama interrupts that factor.     You said, "It's not my fault." But still your loud angry girlfriend is screaming at somebody on your porch. It doesn't matter to you that it's 2am. You told both of them to leave and it's common drama in your life.     You definitely didn't mention any of this on your first date (for good reason). On the last date, you tell him a few of these stories and he sounded supportive. Yet, later on or the next day, He feels it not worth it to be with you.