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What Does it mean to Love Hard?

    to “Love Hard” … has two completely different meanings to different people. Some People feel its an intense, stronger level of love. However, in reality the second meaning is more accurate.

It's actually an obsessive, smothering approach to a relationship. The person that "Loves Hard" is overly-clingy, jealous, paranoid and acts immature.

    To truly "Love Hard" makes any kind of crazy behavior acceptable. So, a person can act crazy and say they did it because they love their partner so much.

* The Stalker Loves Hard
* It's a False Misleading Label of Love
* It's a Red Flag

    This is not a stronger love or better way to love. If your partner says they “love hard” … it means they expect you to “love hard” back to them. That person will use the title “love hard” in order to endlessly text you daily, show up at your job un-announced and generally act crazy in the name of Love.

    Everybody expresses love in their own way. The person that “loves hard” will dictate how you should show love, when you should show love and they will continually expect more from you.

    A person that “loves hard” will continue to justify their bad behavior. They will blame other people for their bad behavior. They will say all the arguing, anger and jealousy is an expression of their love.

    Beware of anybody that glorifies “hard love”. Let that person explain their definition of “hard love”. Ask them, “So what are a few examples of you “loving hard??” Notice how its not just writing a poem or a very thoughtful gift.